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The Botwell Inn

This pub is named after the main shopping area of Hayes.

Hayes >

The White House

This pub is named after the brick-maker’s original, local beer house.

Uxbridge >

The Watchman

Find out how New Malden was affected by the Second World War.

New Malden >

The Red Lion and Pineapple

The Civil War broke upon Acton like a storm!

Acton >

The White Lion of Mortimer

Mitcham is home to some great talents!

Mitcham >

The Postal Order

Crystal Palace is home to the monsters in the park!

Crystal Palace >

The Nonsuch Inn

Nonsuch was a residence of the Queens of England.

North Cheam >

The Flora Sandes

This pub is situated near the haunted Thornton Heath Pond.

Thornton Heath >

The Greyhound

The original Greyhound dates back to 1797.

Bromley >

The Moon Under Water

Discover the history of the Lords of Norbury.

Norbury >

The Richmal Crompton

Bromley is home to many well-known figures, and this pub has them on display.

Bromley >

The Edward Rayne

A man so important that he had a pub and a train station named after him!

Raynes Park >

The Foxley Hatch

The name Purley was only used for this area from the 1900s.

Purley >

The New Cross Turnpike

This pub is situated on an old Roman road.

Welling >

The Sir Julian Huxley

This pub is named after the first Director-General of UNESCO.

Selsdon >

The Tailor's Chalk

The name tailor chalk is misleading - it isn’t actually chalk!

Sidcup >

The Moon and Stars

This area was well known in the 17th and 18th centuries for its Gipsy encampments.

Penge >

The Harvest Moon

Find out why Orpington has made do with a ‘vertically challenged Tower’.

Orpington >

The Sovereign of the Seas

How did Petts Wood get its name?

Petts Wood >

The Furze Wren

Discover what is hidden at Bexleyheath’s Market Place.

Bexleyheath >

The Rockingham Arms

This building was originally destroyed in the Blitz.

Elephant and Castle >

The Edmund Halley

This pub is named after a famous English astronomer.

Lee Green >

Baxter's Court

Learn more about the nearby Hackney Empire; one of the world's oldest cinemas.

Hackney >


This pub is in Victoria Station, which was once the London station most familiar to European visitors.

Victoria >

The London and Rye

Discover the importance of Rushey Green.

Catford >


This pub's name comes from the poem Spring and Fall.

Stratford >

Hamilton Hall

A ballroom or pub? It's hard to decide with all the elegant design features.

City of London >

Goodman's Field

A pub situated on former farmland.

Tower Hamlets >

Shakespeare’s Head

An A–Z of the Bard’s greatest plays, displayed on the walls.

Holborn >

The Angel

The original Angel Inn dates back to 1639, located next door to the current location of this pub.

Islington >

The Asparagus

Located in an area formerly famous for growing crops of... You guessed it: Asparagus!

Battersea >

The Brockley Barge

This pub has 'barge' in the name and in its design.

Brockley >

The Capitol

A cinema, a bingo hall and now a pub.

Forest Hill >

The Central Bar

Discover the local area's history in television and film.

Shepherd's Bush >

The Coronet

Gaze in awe at this grand cinema conversion.

Holloway >

The Crosse Keys

This former bank is rich with history.

City of London >

The George

A gallery of images showing Croydon in the past.

Croydon >

The Grapes

This pub sits next to a historical milestone.

Sutton >

The Half Moon

This building is full of theatrical history.

Mile End >

The Hudson Bay

Named after Sir John Henry Pelly's famous Hudson Bay Company.

Forest Gate >

The Ice Wharf

The clue about this pub's history is in its name.

Camden >

The Knights Templar

A pub located on a street originally built in the 12th century. If this isn't history, what is?

Chancery Lane >

The Ledger Building

This building was an instrumental part of the West India Docks.

Docklands >

The Liberty Bounds

Discover the history of one of Britain's great explorers.

Tower Hill >

The Lord Denman

Named after Lord Denman - a man who played a great part in the abolition of slavery.

Dagenham >

The Lord Moon of the Mall

The history of London's greatest landmarks is displayed on the walls.

West End >

The Masque Haunt

A pub named after a popular form of entertainment in the court of King Henry VIII.

Old Street >

The Metropolitan Bar

Located above one of London's oldest Underground stations.

Marylebone >

The Milan Bar

The history of Grant’s Department Store lives on in this building.

Croydon >

The Miller's Well

This pub is located near the site of the famous medicinal spring known as the Miller’s Well.

East Ham >

The Montagu Pyke

Discover 'the most important venue in the history of European pop music'.

West End >

The Moon and Stars

Learn of the royal connections Romford has.

Romford >

The Moon on the Hill

The unusual tree sculptures define this pub.

Sutton >

The Moon Under Water

Discover the history of one of London's film première hot spots.

West End >

The Oyster Rooms

Whilst there may not be any mention of oysters on the menu, they can certainly be found throughout this pub's history.

Fulham >

The Plough and Harrow

This pub's name hasn't changed since 1419.

Hammersmith >

The Rochester Castle

It’s our oldest trading pub – and the brilliantly classic interior shows this.

Stoke Newington >

The Sir John Hawkshaw

Located on the site of the remains of a Roman palace built in the 1st doesn't get much older than that!

Cannon Street >

The Sir John Oldcastle

Discover the numerous historical features of the area local to this pub.

Farringdon >

The Skylark

This pub is named after one of Gerard Manley Hopkins' well-known poems - The Sea and the Skylark.

Croydon >

The Whispering Moon

This building used to be Wallington's cinema.

Wallington >

The White Swan

Learn the history of this building, originally the headquarters of the Working Men's Club & Institute Union.

Islington >

The William Morris

This pub has a colourful history of art, design and theatre.

Hammersmith >

The World's Inn

This pub stands on the site of the county court house.

Romford >

The Watch House

This pub is named after the old village green.

Lewisham >

The Holland Tringham

Displayed on the walls are copies of Holland Tringham's sketches.

Streatham >

The Beehive

Read about Brixton's most famous landmark - Brixton Prison.

Brixton >

The Fox on the Hill

This pub’s walls are full of history.

Camberwell >

The Gate Clock

Discover where Greenwich Mean Time originated.

Greenwich >

The Great Harry

Who or what was The Great Harry?

Woolwich >

The Kentish Drovers

This pub stood opposite “Greater London’s Greatest Store”.

Peckham >

The Rocket

Get an insight into the history of the Thames.

Putney >

The Surrey Docks

This pub has an old diving helmet on display.

Rotherhithe >

The Pommelers Rest

Take a look at some classic scenes from Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge >

The Wrong 'Un

Bexleyheath’s medieval history is explored in this pub.

Bexleyheath >