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The Rhinoceros

The pub is named after the golden rhinoceros found on top of the Rhinoceros Vase.

35–37 Bridgegate, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S60 1PL

Clifton Park Museum, Rotherham, has a fine collection of locally produced ‘Rockingham ware’. The display’s centrepiece is the magnificent ‘rhinoceros vase’, the first-ever porcelain vase cast in one piece, giving this Wetherspoon pub its name.

A print and text about the Rhinoceros Vase

The text reads: The Rockingham Room in the Clifton House Museum has numerous examples of ‘Rockingham ware’. Pride of place belongs to the Rhinoceros Vase.

It takes its name from the golden rhinoceros which stands on top of this fantastic piece. It is also the origin of the name of this pub. The vase is actually one of a pair. The other one can be seen in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

A photograph of Westgate, Rotherham, c1910.

A photograph of Doncaster Gate, Rotherham, c1920.

A photograph of Meadow Hall, Rotherham, c1908.

A photograph of the Hippodrome and Pavilion, Rotherham, c1912.

External photograph of the building – main entrance.

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