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Many of our pubs are restored from interesting and, in several cases, unique buildings. On this page, we’ll be exploring the history of our pubs, adding many more pubs in the months and years ahead.

Wetherspoon’s chairman and founder, Tim Martin, said: “We take immense pride in the restoration and refurbishment of wonderful buildings into Wetherspoon pubs. We feel that it is right to celebrate the history of the buildings.”

If you have information on the history of any of our pubs, then we’d like you to share it with us. Who knows – your local pub could be next! Please e-mail all information to: 

The Lime Kiln

Originally housing the Monserrat Lime Juice Company'll find more than just lime juice in here nowadays!

Liverpool >

The Standing Order

This former bank still contains its original CHUBB vault.

Edinburgh >

The Masque Haunt

A pub named after a popular form of entertainment in the court of King Henry VIII.

Old Street >

The North Western

A Grade II listed building is no doubt full of history.

Liverpool >

The Ivor Davies

The man after which this pub is named is more famously known as Ivor Novello.

Cardiff >

The Alexander Graham Bell

A pub named after the inventor of the telephone and located just around the corner from his birthplace.

Edinburgh >

The Brightwater Inn

Discover the history of Shirley in this pub.

Southampton >

The Plough and Harrow

This pub's name hasn't changed since 1419.

Hammersmith >

The Oyster Rooms

Whilst there may not be any mention of oysters on the menu, they can certainly be found throughout this pub's history.

Fulham >

The Giddy Bridge

The Mary Tofts “Rabbit Woman” scandal... fact or fiction?

Southampton >

The Sir John Hawkshaw

Located on the site of the remains of a Roman palace built in the 1st doesn't get much older than that!

Cannon Street >

The Sir John Oldcastle

Discover the numerous historical features of the area local to this pub.

Farringdon >

The Metropolitan Bar

Located above one of London's oldest Underground stations.

Marylebone >

The William Morris

This pub has a colourful history of art, design and theatre.

Hammersmith >

The White Swan

Learn the history of this building, originally the headquarters of the Working Men's Club & Institute Union.

Islington >

The Ice Wharf

The clue about this pub's history is in its name.

Camden >

The Liberty Bounds

Discover the history of one of Britain's great explorers.

Tower Hill >

The Ledger Building

This building was an instrumental part of the West India Docks.

Docklands >

The Crosse Keys

This former bank is rich with history.

City of London >

The Half Moon

This building is full of theatrical history.

Mile End >

The Knights Templar

A pub located on a street originally built in the 12th century. If this isn't history, what is?

Chancery Lane >

The Central Bar

Discover the local area's history in television and film.

Shepherds Bush >

The Asparagus

Located in an area formerly famous for growing crops of... You guessed it: Asparagus!

Battersea >

The Angel

The original Angel Inn dates back to 1639, located next door to the current location of this pub.

Islington >

Baxter's Court

Learn more about the nearby Hackney Empire; one of the world's oldest cinemas.

Hackney >

Goodman's Field

A pub situated on former farmland.

Tower Hamlets >

The Hengler's Circus

Not far from this pub is the site for the popular Hengler's Circus.

Glasgow >

The Sheaf Island

A pub on the site of an old brewery? What could be better!

Sheffield >

The Hedley Verity

Discover the story of the famous Leeds-born spinner.

Leeds >

The Francis Newton

This pub is named after the Master Cutler, head of Cutlers.

Sheffield >

The Welkin

The astronomy artwork in the pub is inspired by its name origin.

Liverpool >

The Ernest Willows

The pioneering Ernest Willows was born a mile away from this pub.

Cardiff >

The Waterhouse

How many pubs have Georgian stairs underneath their flooring?

Manchester >

The Crystal Palace

This pub still bears the building’s original lift system!

Glasgow >

The Fall Well

On the walls of this pub are snapshots into Liverpool's history.

Liverpool >

The Booking Office

Have a history lesson on Edinburgh whilst waiting for your train.

Edinburgh >

The Benjamin Huntsman

Learn about the famous crucible steel-making process which made Sheffield famous.

Sheffield >

The Dragon Inn

This pub is influenced by its location - the Chinese Quarter.

Birmingham >

The Paramount

This pub stands opposite one of the first purpose-built cinemas.

Manchester >


Discover the history of Manchester's streets.

Manchester >

The Figure of Eight

This pub stands close to one of the canals which form the figure of eight.

Birmingham >

Stick or Twist

Come and place your bets in this former casino.

Leeds >

The Imperial

Dine in the ballroom which was intended as a replica of Buckingham Palace.

Exeter >

The Central Bar

This pub is built on the site of The English Presbyterian Church.

Cardiff >

The Square Peg

Rather than an historical event, the naming of this pub derives from a comment.

Birmingham >

The Skylark

This pub is named after one of Gerard Manley Hopkins' well-known poems - The Sea and the Skylark.

Croydon >

The Chevalier Inn

This pub has had many identities, including: the Rock Machine, Churchills, No10s and Winstons.

Exeter >

The Sawyer's Arms

The pub is decorated internally with circular saws and saw-teeth motifs, inspired by the original Sawyer's Arms.

Exeter >

The Moon on the Hill

The unusual tree sculptures define this pub.

Sutton >

The Lord Moon of the Mall

The history of London's greatest landmarks is displayed on the walls.

Whitehall >

The Great Western

From the railway to Roald Dahl, all of Cardiff's history is covered here.

Cardiff >

The Gatekeeper

It's hard to believe the River Taff used to flow outside the front of the pub.

Cardiff >

The Crockerton

The name of this pub is not to be mistaken for Crockherbtown.

Cardiff >

The Coronet

Gaze in awe at this grand cinema conversion.

Holloway Road >

The Cuthbert Brodrick

This pub is surrounded by Cuthbert Brodrick's grand designs.

Leeds >


Discover the history of Leeds City Station.

Leeds >

The Gate House

The mock-Tudor style remains in the pub today.

Doncaster >

The Playfair

Some of William Henry Playfair's finest architecture overlooks this pub.

Edinburgh >

The Sir John Moore

The location of this pub is not far from Sir John Moore's statue on George Square.

Glasgow >

Camperdown Place

The inspiration for this pub's name comes from the Scots-born national hero - Admiral Duncan.

Glasgow >

The Seven Stars

This pub is named after one of Manchester’s long-lost inns.

Manchester >

The Whispering Moon

This building used to be Wallington's cinema.

Wallington >

Sheffield Water Works Company

The sculpted heads of Greek and Roman water gods define this building.

Sheffield >

The Grapes

This pub sits next to a historical milestone.

Sutton >

The Milan Bar

The history of Grant’s Department Store lives on in this building.

Croydon >

The George

A gallery of images showing Croydon in the past.

Croydon >

The Montagu Pyke

Discover 'the most important venue in the history of European pop music'.

Charing Cross >

The Moon Under Water

Discover the history of one of London's film première hot spots.

Leicester Square >

The Royal Hop Pole

This pub is the setting for a Charles Dickens classic - The Pickwick Papers.

Tewkesbury >

The Counting House

A pub with former bank vaults now used as seating is bound to be full of history!

Glasgow >

The Red Lion

Don't be scared by the ghosts that haunt this building!

Doncaster >

The Richard John Blackler

The original building may have been destroyed in the Blitz, but its history lives on in this pub.

Liverpool >

Beckett's Bank

The imposing ceiling and pillars won't let you forget that this pub is a grand bank conversion.

Leeds >

The Bankers Draft

How many pubs have a stables underneath them?

Sheffield >

The Moon Under Water

Explore the history of one of Manchester's oldest cinemas.

Manchester >

Hamilton Hall

A ballroom or pub? It's hard to decide with all the elegant design features.

Liverpool Street >

The Prince of Wales

Find yourself on the stage that was once graced by the great actors Laurence Olivier and Richard Burton.

Cardiff >

George’s Meeting House

Its stained-glass windows and pulpit are not something you’d expect to find in a pub!

Exeter >

Shakespeare’s Head

An A–Z of the Bard’s greatest plays, displayed on the walls.

Holborn >

The Rochester Castle

It’s our oldest trading pub – and the brilliantly classic interior shows this.

Stoke Newington >

Waterend Barn

Don’t be fooled by the exterior brick work: inside, it’s a whole different building.

St Albans >