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When we first introduced our pizza menu at The Windmill, in Stansted airport (June 2016), it was a new challenge and something completely different for Wetherspoon.

Click here to find your nearest pizza pub.

The investment in our pubs, to gradually install dedicated pizza ovens and train our kitchen staff, has proven a great success, with more than 500 pubs nationwide (as at September 2018) now serving our freshly made pizza.

We are continuing to invest in our remaining sites, with a plan to have more than 90 per cent of pubs, by this Christmas, with pizza ovens installed.

Our food development team has sourced only the best ingredients to ensure that our pizzas are great quality and value for money, freshly cooked to order and served within our service aim of 10 minutes.

We source our tomato sauce from Italy, using Italian tomatoes, as well as Italian mozzarella cheese – to provide an authentic taste and high-quality product… which our customers are most definitely enjoying.

On the pizza menu

Classic Margherita (v) 911 Cal.

Mozzarella, fresh basil.

Ham and pineapple 1050 Cal

Mozzarella, ham, pineapple.

Ham and mushroom 1028 Cal

Mozzarella, ham, mushroom.

Pepperoni 1170 Cal.

Mozzarella, pepperoni.

BBQ chicken 1100 Cal

Mozzarella, smoky BBQ sauce, chicken breast, red onion.

Spicy meat feast 1242 Cal

Mozzarella, ham, pepperoni, chicken breast, sliced chillies.

Garlic pizza bread (v)

Garlic & parsley butter, fresh rosemary.

Add: Mozzarella v (186 Cal)

Our fantastic pizza range includes seven choices, Margherita, gourmet roasted vegetable and mushroom (available late September), ham and pineapple, ham and mushroom, pepperoni, BBQ chicken and spicy meat feast, together with a huge selection of extra toppings to add to any option.

The thin-crust base, pressed by us in the kitchen (not premade), is freshly topped with authentic Italian tomato sauce and a grated mozzarella & Cheddar cheese mix, as well as a range of classic ingredients to suit your taste.

Our herbs and spices include fresh rosemary, fresh basil and fresh chillies, to complement the various combinations of tempting tasty toppings.

Our classic Margherita is made with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil, with our pepperoni option made from authentic pepperoni.

Mozzarella, BBQ sauce, chicken breast and red onion combine perfectly on our BBQ chicken pizza, while our spicy meat feast marries mozzarella, ham, pepperoni, chicken breast and sliced green chillies.

Every topping is available separately for you to combine for your very own bespoke pizza choice. Simply select your favourite toppings for your perfect pizza, available to eat in or take away.

A children’s pizza selection is also available for those hungry little-ones; just ask at the bar for the children’s menu.


It is no surprise that two of our largest pubs take it in turn to top the weekly Wetherspoon ‘pizza league table’! And there is certainly some healthy competition between the kitchen teams at The Velvet Coaster (Blackpool) and Royal Victoria Pavilion (Ramsgate).

Kitchen managers Gia Dogan and Ildiko Kovacs have a kitchen team of 50 at Royal Victoria Pavilion.

When the pub opened in August 2017, they had two pizza ovens… now doubled to four, owing to popular demand.

Pizza is the Ramsgate pub’s top-selling menu choice.

Gia said: “Weekends are naturally the busiest time for us, and pizza is a constantly popular menu choice, even at 9am in the morning!

“We sometimes have coachloads of visitors – and one particular school group of German teenagers ordered 80 Margheritas in one go, which was quite a challenge for the kitchen.”


“All of the kitchen staff are trained and know how to make the pizzas, yet, at peak times, we have a team of four working on producing pizzas alone. One presses the dough to make the base, one applies the toppings, one is responsible for the cooking and another finishes the dish.”

Ross McKechnie, one of two kitchen managers at The Velvet Coaster, helped with the training at Ramsgate, when it opened.

Along with fellow kitchen manager Matt Skipworth, they are currently in charge of a team of 75 kitchen staff at the pub in Blackpool. Matt has been at the pub since it opened, while Ross has worked there for the past two years.

Ross said: “We have a dedicated kitchen area, upgraded nine months ago, and a dedicated team, specifically for producing pizzas.

“The staff are highly experienced professionals, from all sorts of background, many with previous pizza restaurant experience, familiar with big pizza kitchens.”


“They are trained to cook in volume, producing high-quality, fresh products, quickly and efficiently. And our pizzas are a very good product.”

Polish-born kitchen associate David Sprawka joined the team in June this year, while kitchen associate Manos Rempelakis, from Greece, started in 2017. They may not be Italian, but they are definitely Ross’s top pizza chefs.

Ross added: “David hasn’t been with us very long, but has been trained to make a great pizza. He has a good sense of quality and won’t serve anything (for the sake of speed) which isn’t up to the required standard.

“David and Manos both take great pride in what they are producing, and our customers have only good things to say about our pizzas.

“We sometimes get asked for a left-overs box, but only when customers are unable to finish their pizza meal, which just highlights the quality of the product."

New additions

Our new menu (launching at the end of September) also sees the addition of a NEW gourmet roasted vegetable & mushroom pizza.

The Margherita pizza is currently our most popular pizza – and the new addition extends the range for our vegetarian customers, combining roasted red and yellow peppers, courgette and red onion, together with fresh mushroom slices.

Order it without cheese… and the gourmet roasted vegetable & mushroom pizza is also suitable for vegans.

Look out for this NEW pizza on our new menu, coming soon.

Don’t forget that you can order your pizza using the Wetherspoon app, from your smartphone. Just order, relax and we will bring your food and drinks to your table.