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Shazam! Shiraz sauce makes a meal a marvel

Red wine helps create a wonderful flavour combination for beef steak and new burger

Anyone with an interest in matching certain wines with food will tell you, no doubt, that red wine is an excellent accompaniment for red meat, particularly beef dishes.

We have brought those two delicious dinner partners together in the perfect match, with our brand-new Hardys Shiraz & mushroom beef burger. 

Our new burger choice marries our 100 per cent British beef burger with a rich Shiraz red wine sauce, thanks to a working partnership between Wetherspoon and Hardys Wine.


We have worked in conjunction with the Australian wine-makers to create a wonderful flavour combination, made with Hardys Shiraz red wine, as well as bone marrow, for a rich, classic depth of flavour, for this fabulous new sauce.

Shiraz is the number-one red wine choice with us Brits, making it the obvious wine selection for our new sauce flavour.

Not only is this sauce a fantastic ingredient for our new British beef burger option, but also available as a NEW steak sauce choice to accompany your Wetherspoon beef steak option.


Our NEW Hardys Shiraz & mushroom beef burger combines a 100 per cent British beef burger with a roasted flat mushroom, Hardys Shiraz red wine sauce, Cos midi leaf lettuce, tomato and red onion, served in a brioche bun.

The combination of the roasted flat mushroom and Shiraz wine works to deliver a deep, moreish, classic flavour combination – freshened with the crispy Cos midi leaf and tomato.

Tuck in to our tasty NEW winning combination of British beef burger and Australian Hardys Shiraz red wine – at your local Wetherspoon.

Hardys history

Ever since pioneering founder Thomas Hardy started producing wine in 1853, five generations of the Hardy family have been committed to continuing his wine-making legacy.

In 1876, Thomas Hardy, originally from Devon, England, purchased the Tintara Winery in picturesque McLaren Vale, Adelaide, South Australia.

His vision brought prosperity to the region and resulted in the winery becoming famous for producing some of the world’s best Shiraz.


Syrah is a quintessentially Mediterranean-climate grape variety, with dark, aromatic red fruit. It has achieved world fame via Australian wine producers.

Originally the great red grape of the northern Rhône wine-makers, it is a component of southern Rhône reds and the fastest-growing grape in France’s Languedoc wine region.

As Shiraz, it is Australian wine’s most important red grape variety and often blended with cabernet, producing full-bodied, spicy wines.

Cool growing climates, like northern Rhône or Victoria and parts of Western Australia, bring out the mint, pepperiness and the spice in the Syrah. However, the warmer the growing climate, the more the wine taste changes from raspberry to blackberry, becoming almost chocolaty.