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Coors Light

Coors Light

They affectionately call it ‘The World’s Most Refreshing Beer™’ – and now you can find out for yourselves.

Coors Light, on tap in all Wetherspoon pubs, is a beer born of the cold. In 1873, while others were prospecting the Wild West for gold, the Coors family were searching for a different kind of treasure – pure Rocky Mountain spring water to make their beer.

They found it in Colorado, 4,000 metres above sea level. High among the steep ice trails, the snow is packed hard against granite rocks and melts into freezing streams which carry rich, cool, crystalline water down through the Clear Creek valley in the shade of the Rockies. It was here that they built their first brewery, in Golden, Colorado, and they still brew there today.

The Rockies is a land of extremes, epic but tough – a place of adventure, where an energetic, playful and optimistic outlook is needed.

And the Rocky Mountains is what inspired them to develop the frost-brewing techniques which give Coors Light its unique refreshing taste which is the same, no matter where it’s brewed. It’s so cold in the brewery that frost glistens on the pipes.

The Coors yeast is specially cultivated to work its magic at lower fermentation temperatures, and the hops are selected to complement the brew, by delivering crispness and flavour without a lingering aftertaste.

So, like the air of its birthplace, Coors Light is clean, crisp and refreshing. And it isn’t just brewed cold – it’s made to be drunk cold, too.

You can tell your pint’s at the right temperature, thanks to thermo ink technology on the Coors Light glass. When the mountains on your pint glass turn blue, your beer is cold and ready to drink.

As many have found – from their humble beginnings, Coors beers spread first across America and then around the globe.

In the UK, more and more people have been choosing the brand, with sales growing 20% or more every year since 2011. Molson Coors’ brand director Ali Pickering believes that being “matched up with a growing J D Wetherspoon is a recipe for success”.  She adds: “It’s exciting to be bringing the ice-cold refreshment of Coors Light to Wetherspoon’s customers and allowing more people than ever before to enjoy our beer. Enjoy, friends!”

Tasting notes:

Appearance: Pale, clear, high carbonation
Aroma: Soft, fruity notes and slight malty flavour
Taste: Light, sweet and malty, with low bitterness
Mouthfeel: Easy drinking
Finish: Crisp, with little aftertaste