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Wake up and smell the coffee machine

Self-serve system now speeds up service at the bar.

Grabbing a coffee at your local Wetherspoon pub is about to get easier.

We have now installed easy-to-use self-serve coffee machines in approximately 100 pubs across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, with all pubs set to offer this service by mid November. Our new machines offer a quick, easy, consistent-quality Lavazza coffee every time – and the self-serve system now speeds up service at the bar, for everyone. All of our coffees and teas are available using this new machine, including our NEW flat white option – now added to our coffee range.


Our free refill* offer also extends beyond just filter coffee, with refills now available on all coffee choices, as well as tea. We use Tetley tea and (since 2005) only Lavazza, the real Italian coffee, made with 100 per cent Rainforest Alliance-certified beans, in all of our coffee options. We helped to create the Tierra Intenso blend which we use, with 100 per cent Arabica beans, served in all of our coffee drinks. As well as freshly brewed filter coffee, our range includes cappuccino, latte, Americano and espresso, as well as the NEW flat white, to be enjoyed in the pub or as a take-away** option.


Established in 1895 in Turin, Lavazza is still a family-owned company, run by the fourth generation, more than 120 years on. Known for its innovation, in 1968, it was the first company to launch the vacuum-sealed bag to preserve freshness, as well as the first to create the branded bag. It pushed innovation further in 2015, through the launch of the first espresso in outer space! It is the market leader in Italy, since one in every two coffees sold is a Lavazza – and number-two in the UK retail coffee market. Sold in more than 90 countries worldwide, 17 billion cups of Lavazza are consumed every year.


Lavazza also helps to build schools and communities – and has already planted 27,000 rainforest trees. Antonio Baravalle, chief executive officer of Luigi Lavazza S.p.A, said: “Co-operation with farmers, in order to increase their know-how, is crucial for Lavazza. We do that by providing farmers with appropriate tools and technologies to address climate change and minimise the environmental impact of their activities, while supporting their farming methods’ improvement. We aim to build on what made us one of the most credible brands abroad: our values and identity – a vision which combines tradition and innovation and, above all, respect for our collaborators and consumers worldwide.”

*Hot drinks offer (excluding take-away drinks, speciality hot drinks and teapigs) available 7 days a week; applies on day of purchase; is non-transferable. Exclusions apply. **This take-away offer does not include free refills, speciality hot drinks or teapigs.