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Brandy brands are going down grand

Spirits from Australia and the USA proving very popular at our bars.

Our two NEW brandies are proving very popular, since their introduction in autumn 2018.

Replacing drinks previously purchased from EU producers, Black Bottle Brandy and E&J Brandy have both quickly become firm favourites at Wetherspoon’s pubs across the UK and Ireland.

These are award-winning and leading products in their home countries – and our customers certainly know quality and value when they see and taste them.


E&J Brandy (the number-two-selling brandy in the USA) is a traditional California-style brandy with exceptional smoothness and flavour. It is soft and light bodied, with a sweet taste, featuring hints of apple and vanilla, and a crisp, clean finish.

Introduced globally in 1975, E&J is one of the most-loved brandies in America and has been sold in the UK for more than 10 years.


Since its launch more than four decades ago, the company continues to elevate the craft of its tradition, creating the best brandy possible. E&J has won gold medals and awards, year after year, to confirm its quality and undoubted popularity.

Black Bottle Brandy (the number-one-selling brandy in Australia) is produced in southern Australia by the family-owned Bickford’s Group, with a heritage dating from 1853.


Black Bottle is a deep pale amber spirit. It is delicate, smooth and rounded, with complex characters of vanilla and lifted spice.

Its distinctive dark and alluring bottle is matched by its double distilled taste, ending with a soft oak finish.

Made using Doradillo and Grenache grapes, this multi award winning brandy is pot stilled and aged in oak hogshead casks for a minimum of two years, to produce a consistent, quality spirit.

Try our NEW brandies at your local Wetherspoon.