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All our pubs and hotels are presently closed, along with the head office.

UPDATED: Wednesday 08 April, 2020


When did your pubs and hotels close?

All pubs and hotels in the Republic of Ireland closed on Sunday 15 March 2020.

All pubs and hotels in the UK closed on Friday 20 March 2020.

When are you reopening?

At the present time, this is a question that we can’t answer. The government will be looking at the medical information in the course of the next few weeks and that will guide its decision on re-opening.

Have all the staff and managers kept their jobs?

The UK government’s ‘Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme’ has enabled us to retain the vast majority of employees whilst our pubs and hotels are closed. Without this scheme, we would not have been able to do that.

All of our pubs, hotels and the head office are closed and, with the exception of a few specific roles, there is no requirement for employees to attend work.

What happened to the leftover food? Was it all thrown away?

Any leftover food in the pubs was given to the staff to take home.

Food that was no longer required in our distribution centre was redirected to supermarkets, or to other caterers. Any remaining food was donated to food banks or others in need via the charity FareShare.

What other support are you offering at this time?

We are looking at different ways that we can support our employees, the NHS and the national food effort.

You may still see some of our delivery lorries on the road, these have been loaned to supermarket chains.

The NHS has been able to utilise our hotel rooms and parking spaces in some locations.

Our staff can undertake voluntary or paid work during this time without jeopardising their employment with the company. 

I have a gift card that expires in the next few months – can you extend the date?

We are extending the expiry date of all existing gift cards by 6 months to take account of the situation. 

When will you start taking hotel bookings again?

We will start to take bookings again once we have a confirmed date for reopening.

I have a hotel booking in the next few months – can I get a refund?

Customers with existing hotel bookings can contact us via this link. We can arrange a full refund or reschedule the booking. We are following government updates which will guide us on reopening. f you have booked and paid in advance to stay with us prior to June 1st 2020 and want to cancel your room with a full refund, we will process that within 14 days.  

Are you still fund raising for CLIC Sargent?

CLIC Sargent, our nominated company charity, offer practical and emotional support to children and teenagers with cancer, and their families.

Unfortunately, as our pubs, hotels and the head office are closed, we have had to pause all our fund raising activities. If you want to find out more about the amazing support that this charity offers, or perhaps to make a donation, click here.

What’s happening with your Wetherspoon News magazine crossword competition?

Crossword competition entries will be reviewed when the pubs and head office reopen. Winners will be contacted directly and listed in the next magazine, as per our usual process. 

I have a question. How can I contact you?

All our pubs, hotels and the head office are now closed until further notice. We will respond to any queries as soon as reasonably practicable once our pubs have re-opened. We are sorry we cannot assist further at this time.